Restaurant Profit Architecture™

Food service concepts must have a restaurant business plan that considers many factors, from revenue and expenses to overhead vs. capital expenditures, and how to maximize busy times to help cover the slower ones. Things like rent, check average and dine times, kitchen throughput, and guest count need to be considered. When developing a new concept or attempting to improve or fix an existing operation, we operate from a client perspective and use our proven Profit Architecture™ evaluation to focus on the foundational math of the business venture.

During an assessment, we examine and analyze all factors that may affect your restaurant’s profitability. It’s what we call the ‘Profit Architecture Evaluation.’ Your restaurant operation may be designed for high volume in a great setting that performs efficiently, but it should run with a balance of premium profit and increasing returns as revenue grows.

Using Profit Architecture™ as a guide, we position your business to produce profit even with substantial revenue changes. We look at brand positioning, real estate costs, kitchen and bar throughput, check average and dine time, among other functional points, to see the true potential of your business.

We also look at performance ratios and health of the business targets. These targets vary by concept, but if you’ve got a solid foundation, you can more easily achieve realistic goals. From the profit foundation, you’ll create an enterprise with longevity and increased growth potential, thrilling both your investors and your guests.

Get in touch with our experts today, and learn how our restaurant profit analysis can boost profits for your restaurant operation.

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